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We at GoldenHearts want to make the world a little bit better. It is our goal to help refugees on the long road to integration and to equip them with the skills they need to do so. The German language being the most important factor.

Thank you for accompanying us on this path with your interest. Our programs are predominantly funded with private donations. Any gift big or small is helpful and deeply appreciated.

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Key facts

More than 5,000 refugees from the typical crisis countries Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, but also from Pakistan and Cameroon have come to Pforzheim, a city with about 125,000 inhabitants, in the last 10 years, but especially since 2014. A great challenge – and a great opportunity. The immigrants have many gifts and talents. GH wants to help that especially the women and their children among them find a new home in Pforzheim and can develop their full potential.

GoldenHearts has therefore set itself the task of facilitating the integration of refugees in Pforzheim and preparing them for entry into the education and labor market. Learning the German language is the basis for successful integration.

In recent years, GH has sponsored or organised various projects in the field of education. The focus of our work is the organisation and implementation of low-threshold German language courses for mothers with parallel childcare.

Your financial support can play a decisive role in the integration of these refugees. Help us to make a difference together

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Refugee Stories

They had no choice. Escape was the only option left. EVERY REFUGEE HAS A STORY. explore the stories behind them.

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