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In March of 2016 our family started a program to support refugees from Syria & the Middle East and their families in our hometown of Pforzheim, Germany. With a population of 100,000 we have received more than a thousand refugees in 2015. This migration is overwhelming the German government as well as local municipalities.

It’s hard to imagine what these refugees went through after leaving their countries. Here are a few short stories from some of our participants.

Housing, schools, employment and health are all challenges for these newcomers in joining a new community. We are currently collecting donations to fund 2 classes for mothers and their children for the next school year Sep 2017.- Jun 2018.

What we do


The first program that GoldenHearts funded this year is an education program from September to June for mothers and their children in the town of Pforzheim.

The program is currently running with 14 mothers and 22 children at the local Insel Elementary School.  This program provides:

  • Basic life skills, and learning about German culture, language and traditions
  • Psychological support for traumatized mothers and children
  • Supportive community for mothers and families to connect
  • Enable mothers to become self-sufficient in understanding available community services in Pforzheim (e.g. health care, housing)
  • This program will open the door for refugees to be independent and eventually join the German work force


The second program that GoldenHearts is currently funding focuses on helping immigrant/refugee students. This Intake Test helps these teenagers evaluate their strength and weaknesses, their talents and areas of growth. The test results allow the Alfons-Kern School in Pforzheim, Germany to define precisely the special needs of each student. By testing the linguistic predisposition of each student, the mathematical skills, the intelligence for learning, logical thinking skills and the motivation for learning, the Intake Test also shows the possible occupational aptitude for a specific apprenticeship or job.

Download here the used recruitment poster:

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