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In March of 2016 our family started a program to support refugees from Syria & the Middle East and their families in our hometown of Pforzheim, Germany. With a population of 100,000 we have welcomed more than 5000 refugees since 2014, half of them women. Most of them have not had a chance to take local language classes because they have to care for their young children at home.

GoldenHearts wants to give them the opportunity to integrate as soon as possible into the German society and help them to build a new life for themselves and their families – to learn the local language is the first step to the long process of integration.

Every school year GoldenHearts supports more than 250 women and their children by offering low-threshold German language classes for mothers. In addition to that we help Elementary School children with their homework and sing and play in German with the younger ones. For most of our refugee families GoldenHearts’ programs are the first programs they attend after having come to Europe. We run eight classrooms at six local Elementary schools. This spring GoldenHearts started the GoldenHearts Online Academy to serve those women who are technically poorly equipped and give them the chance to continue learning during the pandemic.

It’s hard to imagine what these refugees went through after leaving their countries. Here are a few short stories from some of our participants. 2/3 of our students can’t read or write. Can you image what it might be like to live in an industrialized country and not be able to communicate at all?

Since the beginning of GoldenHearts in 2016 more than 700 mothers and 800 children have benefitted from our programs. Right now we are collecting funds to start two new schools in the fall of 2021.


To give especially young female students with a migration background a chance to build a better life, we established the GoldenHearts Scholarship for Girls in 2019 and granted our first scholarship to an especially talented and gifted student at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton.

Help us to help refugees build a better life.

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