How you can help us

We are currently collecting donations to finance the school year 2020/21. Please help us to ensure that we can start again in the coming school year with eight language classes and six children’s groups.

You can also support the following target groups directly:

$300: Playgroup place

One playgroup place for one child for one school year

$600: Language course place

A language course place for a mother and a playgroup place for a child brought along for one school year


If you would like to support a particular school or program, please contact us.

How are the funds used?

With your donation we finance our teachers’ salaries and the remuneration for our childcare workers as well as teaching and handicraft materials. All donations are 100% for the benefit of our programs!

What’s happened so far?

GoldenHearts maintains eight language classes at six Pforzheim elementary schools as well as six playgroups for children up to 10 years of age.

GoldenHearts also finances a scholarship program for girls with an immigrant background.



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