Refugee Stories

The following stories are from 3 young Iraqi women who participate in our mother/child classroom.


Simah is a young Iraqi woman in her early twenties. In 2016 she fled together with her brother the war in their home country. They were on the run for over a month. They walked for days. Simah is still shocked and traumatized from her experiences. They traveled from Turkey to Greece. When Simah talks about her experiences on a little boat that took them from Turkey to Greece she has tears in her eyes. The journey took four days of which for one day and one night a heavy storm shook the boat and the passengers didn’t know if they would make it through the night. Once they arrived in Germany they felt exhausted but tremendously relieved. Simah says she loves how in Germany everything is safe and quiet. The only drop of bitterness is the family brother and sister have left behind and who they miss so much. Simah wishes to learn German as quickly as possible, find work and build a new life.

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