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How you can help

We are currently collecting donations to be able to finance the school year. Help us to be able to start again in the coming school year with eight language classes and six children’s groups.

You are also welcome to support the following target groups directly:


Information about the donation

Donations for Ukrainian women

The pictures that have reached us from Ukraine in the last few days are shocking. Our thoughts at GoldenHearts are with the people on the ground and we are preparing for a new wave of refugees. More than 9000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in Baden-Württemberg, more than 400 in a few days in Pforzheim alone. More will come. Every Ukrainian mother who wants to learn German is welcome to join us and her children in our GoldenHearts programmes. We are currently supporting the city of Pforzheim with the short-term accommodation of the refugees.


300 EUR: Playgroup spot

Playgroup spot for one child.


600 EUR: Language spot for one mother

A language course place for a mother and a playgroup place for a child brought along for one school year.



If you would like to support a specific school or programme, please contact us.